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Invizion Colorz Inc. provides stress-relieving art workshops specifically designed for professional development training to build connections within corporate teams and organizational groups to encourage teamwork, interpersonal communication skill building and self-care. We bring our services to you creating an atmosphere for hands-on engagement. We also customize workshops with your mission in mind. See sample workshops below!

Community on Canvas                                                                             Dive into this group oriented activity by discussing the most important values of your company/ organization! Then explore all the coloring tools included in the workshop to create group artwork that embodies those values and bursts with color!

Author & The Illustrator (Non-painting Activity)                                     Invite your team to work in pairs to practice descriptive language and active listening. This workshops incites effective interpersonal communication to reconnect people with themselves while building with others. This workshop is especially perfect for a no-paint-no-mess activity. It is also most wonderful for people who love to draw and those who don't know how.

The Crafting-Around Project                                                                    Indulge in several art projects at a time. The beauty of creating group art is that everyone gets a chance to contribute. Add your style and your vision to the artwork then pass it on to next person. Don't be surprised if someone passes a whole new project around to you.  

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We do provide all materials related to each workshop. Materials such as canvas, posters, acrylic paint, brushes, markers, coloring pencils, and other tools are also included. For cleanliness, aprons, gloves, paper towels, and wipes are also provided. Table easels (as needed), table and floor cloths will be provided for clean work areas. Although table space may vary based on your venue.of choice, we will do our best to accommodate all clients and encourage a consultation prior to booking.

We do offer no-paint-no mess workshops that do not require the use of paint items.

We do not empty or pour out used paint water containers in your facility to ensure cleanliness.

We do not provide refreshments or beverages. Nor do we provide  tables or seating equipment. It is at the hosts discretion to serve refreshments and beverages. 

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Do you work with youth? How does creating art affect young people?

Decision Making Skills

" According to a report by Americans for the Arts, art education strengthens problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. The experience of making decisions and choices in the course of creating art carries over into other parts of life. "

--Grace Hwang-Lynch, The Importance of Art in Child Development, PBS

Positive Outlook

“Research reveals that arts learning experiences can alter the attitudes of young people toward themselves and each other.”


The Big Picture.

"Students who participate in art learning experiences often improve their achievement in other realms of learning and life"

— www.nasaa-arts.org/


Get your youth involved in creating art everywhere!


Consider us for youth team building workshops!